Illinois Lotto Results IL last draw July 10, 2013

Check out if you are the Lotto winner for the draw of Wednesday the 10th (Jackpot of $2,150,000):

This page is not the official page for the Illinois Lottery. To confirm (accurately) the 07/10/13 results for the Illinois State, visit the official website. There were 0 winning tickets for this draw n°201307100 If you think you won the Lotto draw of Wednesday 10th of July 2013, there are two possibilities. Either you won over $600 and you need to go at one of the Illinois LOTTERY CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTERS (you will also need to pay tax on these winnings). If you won $599 and less, simply go to any Illinois lottery retailer (for instance the one where you bought your ticket). If you have the following numbers for this draw : 23 30 35 38 42 49 AND THE EXTRA SHOT NUMBER IS 21 , you have a great chance of being the Lotto winner. If that is the case, congratulations and smile, you re a damn lucky guy! You can start looking for the best sunny destinations like the Seychelles!

What are Lotto "Hottest" Numbers?

Here are some statistics that you may find useful for the next Lotto draw in the Illinois State. The following numbers come really often over the last Lotto draws. So it may be worth it :)

Number # of time it came up over the last 20 draws
28 5 times
10 5 times
26 4 times
15 4 times
07 4 times
35 4 times

On the opposite, the following numbers of the Lotto did not come out during the last 20 draws: 5 11 19 39 43 50

How to play Lotto in Illinois?

During the late 20th century several states decided to set up lotteries in order to fund rapidly growing public services such as schools, new roads and other infrastructure. The idea was that a certain percentage of the lottery revenue would go towards producing the jackpot whilst the rest would be given to the state to fund these public services.

However many Americans were opposed to such lotteries, with a host of pressure groups, particularly from the church, being established in order to try and get lotteries banned. They mainly succeeded, with every state in the US banning lotteries aside from two, Delaware and Louisiana.

Less than a decade later many states decided to re-establish lotteries in order to bring in vital revenue. In 1974 Illinois voters voted in favour of a lottery and the Illinois Lottery was established on July 1st of the same year.

It was not until 1983 when the main Lotto began. Initially the Lotto was a six out of 40 ball game, however a year after it began this was changed to make the game a six out of 44 ball game. At present the Illinois Lottery is a six out of 52 ball game.

The jackpot for the Illinois Lottery starts at $2 million and increases daily up until the day of the draw, with recent jackpots for the Lotto being as high as $4.4 million.

How old do you have to be to play Lotto or any other Illinois Lottery games?

Answer In order to play Lotto, or any of the several other games operated as a part of the Illinois Lottery, players must be at least 18 years of age, as is the case for lottery playing in most US states.

How often is the Lotto drawn?

Answer The Lotto is drawn three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. Every Lotto is drawn at 9.22pm.

How do you play Lotto?

Answer Lotto is played by selecting six numbers out of a possible 52, with an option to randomly pick the numbers also available. Anyone who matches all six numbers will win a share of the jackpot, with players who get five, four or three numbers also winning smaller cash prizes.

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